Parents & Committee

If you haven't been involved in Scouting, you may think that the whole organization is the Scoutmaster and the youth members. The truth is, the success of the troop depends on a lot of adult volunteers who
 work behind the scenes to make it all happen. The troop committee is like a steering committee—volunteers 

#- Need assistance or training Incoming.





Scout Master

Allan Swann

2 years

Over see’s all 787 activities, meetings.

Assistant Scout Master

Mike B


2 years

Assists SM as needed. Learns necessary skills to take over as SM at next transition


#-Tim Armstrong,

Scott Patton( training)


Handles all money for troop, checkbook, tracks scout accounts. Reimburses troop members for funds.




Takes Minutes at all committee meetings, 3RD Tuesday of every month. Types minutes and brings to following meeting for approval.


NONE - Karen Guth (filling in)


In charge of overseeing all Events. Obtains volunteers to fill positions as needed.

Committee Chairperson

Scott Doody


Head of the Committee, which meets once per month. 3RD Tuesday of each month, 2 hours.

Assistant Committee Chairperson



Helps Committee chair as needed, keeps up to date on troop activities. Next in line as Committee Chair.


Kimberly Casey


Make sure the troop functions. Over sees different parts of the troop. Speaks with the Church as needed. Signs checks. Orders Troop T-shirts.



Lisa Briggs


Collect all names, addresses, phone numbers, and add and modify troop roster as needed. Send out updated


Lisa Briggs


Prepares the annual Recharter - collects dues, collects annual surveys, submits recharter information in program called Troop Master.

Assistant Recharting



Assists Rechartering Chair

Adult training



Track all adult training and educate adults as needed, or tell them how to get the education.



No duration

Tracks advancement, hands out blue cards, tracks progress and who has active MB’s. Sets up boards, collects completed MB’s. Gives MB to SM when earned so he can pass out at meetings. Advancements tracked at troop level and district level.



Mike B



John  Marinuzzi



#Jerry Sterling

#George Yavarania

Alan Swan

#Karen Guth


Ryan Altwein


1.Contact person for all incoming troop, explains troop, and collects paperwork.

Physicals go to Physical Chair, Info goes to Roster Chair.

2-Keep track of district level recruitment activities/opportunities and their deadlines and relay back to the troop to figure out whether the troop will participate in it.

3. If yes, do the sign-up and coordinate the participation.
4-Serve as the contact person for the troop so visitors can communicate (via email/phone) and ask questions
5-Gather visitors' contacts and promote outings tailored to Webelos
6-Keep the Scoutmaster informed about visitors looking for SM conferences
7-When visitors come to the meeting, give the parents the informational talk and give them a quick tour of the Barn/container
8-Keep track of the Webelos who have decided to join the troop by asking them for their Blue & Gold/Bridging ceremony, giving them the registration packet and processing the paperwork
9-Gather information about Blue & Gold/Arrow of Light ceremonies and relay to SM and the troop; 10-make sure there's enough representation of our troop on the  Blue & Gold/Bridging ceremony
11-Prepare Webelos packets for bridging ceremonies (need to know how many and who are bridging; packets contain all the paperwork for registration and freebies to Webelos.)

Assistant Recruitment




New Parent Liaison and Registration


Helping out- Karen Guth

Scott Doody


Work with new parents, welcoming them to the troop, giving them welcome letter, answering questions, getting signed up, answering questions, giving them the tour of the grounds, continue follow up at each meeting. Teach them about each event and what they need to come to.

High adventure

James Kramer

#Ben Wooldridge


High adventure trained and leads high adventure events, educates scouts and scouters as needed.

T-shirts and troop clothing

Kimberly Casey


3. Order & distribute troop active wear: t-shirts, hats

3T trainer

#Jerry Sterling


Trains all 3 T’s, sets up the schedule for education, brings all the necessary supplies and elicits adult help as needed. Signs off book requirements

New Parents Liaison

#Karen Guth


Liason for new parents to make them feel  welcome and answer questions.

Physicals and summer camp health forms

Lawrence Chang


Collect and track physicals and make sure they are up to date and get to summer camp and Cornerstone events

4th of July fundraiser

David Hamidi

Assist- Karla O’grattan


Plan ,execute oversee Egg roll fundraiser

Gift Wrap fundraiser


Laura Moffett


Plan , execute, oversee Gift Wrap fundraiser

Scouting for Food



Plan , instruct, collect all donations for event ( Spring)

First aid kit

Lawrence Change


Make sure kit items are not expired and are in place. Clean out and restock, every January and prn. 




Twice a year. Make reservations, announce, do sign ups, organize events, and obtain volunteers as needed.

See’s Candy

Taro Ikeda


Be the troop liaison for sales, collect money, pass out prizes and paperwork. Announcements. Each is once a year


Taro Ikeda


Announce event, pass out books and collect money. Once a year

Popcorn Sales

Taro Ikeda


Announce, get paperwork for, attend roundtable, Over see, sell, arrange booth sales, collect sales, pick up and deliver and collect money, turn in report to Treasurer.

MB councilor

Always need more.


Wants to help Scouts earn there Merit Badges. Anyone who has a skill/knowledge about any merit badge. Swimming, Archeology, Computers, first aid, Environmental science, etc. Approval through Council, Takes class, then can sign scouts off on their Merit Badges.

Summer Camp coordinator


# John Marinuzzi

Helping- Karen Guth, Allen Swann, James Kramer



Court of Honor Chair



Twice a year, June and December, Reserve the room, get volunteers, set up catering. Announce at meetings, reminders.


#Ryan Altwein


Tracks all troop equipment, buys, replaces, repairs when needed.

Assistant Quarter Master



Assist the Quartermaster with Troop supplies; attend meetings and events when Quartermaster Cannot.